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I am a Darkstar
Hi all,

Since this is my first post, I'll tell you how I became a fan. I think it was in 1995, when an university friend of mine handed me a tape with "Dark Star" and "Forest Enter Exit" (plus Qntal's Ad Mortem Festinamus). It was a really good surprise because back then I was into synth pop and this gave me the dark edge I was looking for, what impressed me most was the sound and the vocals that fitted so well with it. From then on I managed to get all their albums. I saw them live in 2003, in a rare acoustic show. And this takes me to this post's subject...

I would like to know if someone has a tour guide (or something similar) for these kind of shows that can post in here. And if there are any recorded acoustic shows floating around in mp3 sites (such as soulseek). I'd love to have all the acoustic songs they did, if possible, and build a huge concert in my ipod.  :wink:

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Hi miguelnalexandre,

welcome to Colour-ize :).

If you are looking for a list of DL concerts, you can find it here.

We are sorry but we can't allow people to post links to illegally recorded
mp3 stuff here, because of the copyright laws.

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I am a Darkstar
miguelnalexandre meinte:
I'd love to have all the acoustic songs they did...

Oh yes me too... I'm still looking for Manastir Baroue and Cupids Disease... if anyone should have a record could you pleeease send it to my email ?(see profile)
Oben Unten