Acoustic Tour in 2012! :)))

As posted on the German board, there are 3 acoustic gigs next year:

11.05. Leipzig
12.05. Erfurt
13.05. Dresden
and once again.. the royal we have our pug Irish nose to the computer screen hoping that someone will go to and write about these events on the forum.... :(
we like details!! Alice the high musician of the TDG is usually the one who does a complete and thorough job... I actually almost get a sense that I was there... Her reviews are full of important details seen with a macro and micro cosmic eye... we think she should get in for free as she is providing a valuable service :ymdevil:
WE <3 Alice!... yes we are sucking up... :D

I am happy for the lakaien's ..

rule number careful of what you let inform your senses... ;)
~which is why I can trust the Lakaiens with my delicate monkey brain.. :(|)

ps carinivores may have bacon but vegans have curried squash
And what concert will Alice be attending :D ?
Me, I'll be in Erfurt along with at least 6 other forum's people. Ui, and since the Lakaien wrote Season's greetings for us (thank you, by the way), I may soon count them among the forum's people, too - then we'd be eight ;)

It will be almost like a small meeting :ymhug:
Well my first thought was to go to Erfurt, but since Dresden is much closer I'm thinking of going there... not sure yet, I've never been to Erfurt before;) It would be lovely to meet you!
Hopefully there will be Berlin, too... (one concert is never enough) :D
Finally! Tickets for Leipzig, Dresden & Offenbach are available on :)

And there will be two other concerts in Stuttgart & Dortmund:
"Acoustic Tour:
11.05. Leipzig / Theaterfabrik
12.05. Erfurt / Alte Oper
13.05. Dresden / Lukaskirche
18.05. Stuttgart / Liederhalle
19.05. Offenbach / Capitol
20.05. Dortmund / FZW"

I've ordered tickets to Leipzig & Dresden.
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Deine Lakaien started a great poll for their fans!
You have the chance to win free concert tickets by voting for your favorite songs:

Dear Fans and Friends

Your opinion is important to us!
For the upcoming tour we would like to know, which of our songs you would like to hear in acoustic version.

Please send your top 3 together with your postal address to:
Subject: Wunschsongs

Among all participants there will be 3 who have the chance to win 2 Acoustic-Tour concert tickets for the location of their choice.
Closing date is 15th April 2012.
Winners will be notified by post.

Thank you very much in advance for participating!

Best regards,
Alexander and Ernst

Presented by Sonic Seducer, piranha, Kulturnews and

11th May - Leipzig - Theaterfabrik
12th May - Erfurt - Alte Oper
13th May - Dresden - Lukaskirche
18th May - Stuttgart - Liederhalle
19th May - Offenbach - Capitol
20th May - Dortmund - FZW
10th June - Zurich - X-Tra
Awww I am so nervous. Seeing DL tomorrow in Cologne. I so hope for some old songs and some good moments. But am sure it will be just as great as expected :) What could be better than DL acoustic :) Nothing, :D
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