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Do Deine Lakaien still play their older songs at their live shows? I never got the chance to see them during the Dark Star / Forest Enter Exit eras (Wish I'd HEARD of them then) and would love to come to Germany and see one of their concerts, but my favourite tracks are all earlier than White Lies. White Lies has some lovely songs (e.g., Where You Are / Life Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease) but I think it would be wonderful to hear them play Down, Down, Down, Love Me To The End, Don't Wake Me Up, The Walk To The Moon, The Forest, Night of Love, Reincarnation... Having said that, I love the album Kasmodiah. Considering its content, I am amazed Deine Lakaien have not yet been recognised in England.
from Rach


I am a Darkstar
hi Rach,

yes, the Lakaien do play many of their older songs in their concerts... they usually have a really good mixture of old and new material (from your list: Love me to the End, Don't wake me up, and Reincarnation :) and of course, many others..)

if you have the chance, you should definitely come on down to germany and see them play in november!!! ;-)
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