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So, the new tour is on, and here is the first report in English :D if anyone still reads them other than Rabbitfan. :D I didn't feel like taking my camera this time, well my lovely husband Colorwriter takes better photos usually anyway, so of course this WOULD be the one time in my life so far that I ended up being at the front of the queue to get in so was front and centre!!! :p well, he had his camera anyway. We managed it by accident because we arrived very early - the tickets said the doors should open at 7 but we discovered after we got there that it had been changed to 8. We had never been to the Batschkapp before and we happened to see an open gate so we walked in, only to find that was the backstage entrance area, ha ha - we didn't get in trouble though (as Queeny and Dea were there anyway), just got told to go over to the other part of the property which is the area around the public entrance to the building. Also got to meet Slobodan, the new drummer in the band - Colorwriter had met him before when he was drumming on Veljanov's solo tour, and he remembered him. He seems really nice guy. :) We waited and noticed there were still no fans around but then realised they were behind another gate, ha ha. Still nobody seemed to mind that we were inside the property, and when the gate finally opened and the fans were coming in we walked over to the entrance and therefore were at the front of the queue. Luckily Lakaien fans are quite laid back, so the fans were ambling over in an orderly fashion and we didn't even have to run over there. It would be different if they were fans of my favourite French band Indochine. Their fans are nuts...
Anyway, I will have to check somewhere to find out what the opening band were called because I didn't know, but they seemed quite good and the singer had more emotion and seemed more like she was trying to connect with the audience than Ms Anselmo had on the Indicator tour (to me Vic Anselmo was very beautiful and played very well but might as well have been singing to herself in the bath...).
And then, Lakaien...well, I wasn't quite sure what to think about the new band, but I really enjoyed it. I felt like Fighting the Green and Overpaid worked best with the new arrangement out of the old songs. Forest was good too but I think that one is always good live! You could definitely hear the contributions from Slobodan and the new guitarist, I guess his name is Goran, and I think Slobodan also added to the spectacle. He's quite central and he stands up while he is drumming, and has quite an expressive and very smiley face. :) Goran looks actually really humble as if he is Veljanov's servant! But both are great musicians and it was nice that you could actually hear them - when Robert Willcox played on the Indicator tour I generally could not hear his guitar. I also noticed that Slobodan and Goran provided backing vocals - I do not remember hearing male backing vocals with Lakaien before, but mayb e someone can correct me if I am wrong about that - in particular Goran provided vocals along with Veljanov on Pilgrim, which several people have commented on in the German forum, and which worked very well. (As far as I can tell the whole thing is Veljanov on the album).
I felt that it was kind of back to normal in that at the acoustic shows Ernst definitely seemed like the star of the show, whereas last night he was back being the bloke behind the keyboard and Veljanov was the showman, but that was my opinion. At one point Veljanov called him The Meister and people cheered a lot, and Ernst looked really embarrassed. :) (But he IS The Meister really ;)) I am really bad at remembering playlists and someone's probably got it somewhere, but there was a pretty good mix of old and new. I am still not quite familiar enough with the new album but thought Nevermore was maybe the best live. Some joking around by Veljanov as usual (and also as usual I couldn't hear half of it well enough to understand what he said!), he seemed quite happy and said that their audiences were the best in the world. :)
It was also lovely to see Queeny, Dea and Uli again and to meet Slobodan. No, I didn't ask him what it is like to work with Lakaien. :)
" Lakaien fans are quite laid back, so the fans were ambling over in an orderly fashion and we didn't even have to run over there."

Maybe you tame hand feed deerlings but wait until the wild rabbit is unleashed... there will be tears and clapping whooping hollering big noise and if lucky bigger hair... I will not have crossed over 7,450 7-11's and endured horse tranquilizers to placidly and orderly amble to my seat... bc thats how a rabid fan rolls yo..((note to mods no harm will come to anything except the particles in the air around us))..

THank you Rhiannon..
we are eternally grateful
I haven't been on the forum for so long so I did not see your comments before, Rabbit! Well the fans at the Batschklapp were definitely a lot different than fans of the French band Indochine, whom I saw last summer - they really do have crazy was very difficult to buy a t-shirt at that concert!
Have heard from my friends that poor old Veljanov fell off the stage last night in Mannheim!! :-o Seemed to be ok though as apparently about 10 minutes later he was back up there.
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