Deine Lakaien in China - Concert Report

Colour-Ize Team

I am a Darkstar
Lü Sha from Beijing (China) wrote a huge report about the Deine Lakaien concert in Beijing for us:
Concert Report
A big thank you to Lü Sha and enjoy everybody. :)

the Colour-Ize Team


I am a Darkstar
Wow made me cry :(( what a writer... I am thinking that some phrases need to go in the American wikipedia bit on DL :D will work on this later. unless the Forum leaders would like to get permisson for us??

only if you have time otherwise we will ask the author ourselves ;)

ah the magic that is Deine Lakaien :ymcowboy:


I am a Fama Tuba
What beautiful and soulful description of a DL concert! You brought a bit of the magic to us - xiexie for that Lü Sha (*)
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