Deine Lakaien time line??


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OK so I am a little confused by the time line of DL record makings... I C & P'd this from the english wiki page... so I guess the 1986 album is the first but then the 1987 is like the 9th album produced?? what about the whole Carl finding the 1987-'silvertape' theory someone fill me in or send me somewhere to learn more..when the data is laid out end to end its doesnt add up...
signed confused :-s

Deine Lakaien, 1986
Dark Star, 1991 (reissued in 2005 combined with '2nd Star' EP)
Dark Star Live, 1992
Forest Enter Exit, 1993
Acoustic, 1995 (Live Recording)
Winter Fish Testosterone, 1996
Kasmodiah, 1999
White Lies, 2002
1987, 2003 (Early material)
Live in Concert, 2003
April Skies, 2005
20 Years Of Electronic Avantgarde, 2007 (Orchestral recordings)
[edit]Singles and EPs
2nd Star EP, 1991
Mindmachine, 1994
Return, 1997
Into My Arms, 1999
Sometimes, 1999
Generators, 2001
Where You Are/In The Chains Of, 2001 (Two-part release - first part with songs, second part with remixes)
Over and Done, 2005


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Ernst and Alexander first didn't want to release the Silver tape. please correct me when it's wrong


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Pandora is right. This material was produced right after the first album and was ment to become the second one. At this time they had no recording contract. But then some guy named Carl Erling was interested in this new material and so they got their contract. Because of the new situation they got the idea of starting something new and forget about their already finished material. Therefore they didn't release it.
But after several (illegal) bootlegs appeared later on and circulated, which contained this henceforth legendary work in very bad quality (and on some of them additional songs were added, which were not from Deine Lakaien), Deine Lakaien decided to release this old stuff to stop all this abuse of their early work. #:-s I hope this'll help! ;)


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@ Pandora thank you very much
@ Tapir... is this what it takes to flush you out :D :D :D

Ok so WHY is this barely mentioned in the German wiki piece? also there is no mention of the Mystic German Sampler. which had colour-ize on it the 2nd one I think.. I have heard snippits of this story before but we didnt have all the pieces of the puzzle..thanks to you all we have more..

So then the question is .... The story of Carl and the missing silver tape... is this a private story that is not to be shared wiki style because I think it should be.... in detail ...The artists' who are Deine Lakaien have mystery and intrigue to spare...I can't imagine this detail would detract from that... but I will open the floor as to why that detail was glazed over...


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So, I don't know, why it's not mentioned in the German article... Maybe it's not important enough? Maybe the authors tried to concentrate on the very facts? And the fact is, in 2003 an album was released which contains old material.
I don't think it's a private story, because there are interviews (in German) that tell this story. For example this one: ... kus_d.html


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Uups, Tapir was faster:

Interviews from the time when 1987 was released can also be found in the CI archive (of course German only):

An interview with Ernst (Orkus):

An interview with Alexander (Zillo):

Tapir mentioned the main reason for the release already: Bootlegs, even with people adding their own stuff but still selling it as Lakaien-made. (AV is telling that in the interview) And they wanted it as a kind of documentation for fans.

Time loops are difficult to understand and since the wiki text is already quite long, I believe this part was kept short. What could be interesting information, nevertheless, is a citation from Ernst in the Orkus article:"It was a somewhat difficult production. Rarely have I worked with such a high ambition on a project as in those days on this album. Its musical content points in many directions that Deine Lakaien could have taken."


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SO Carl owned or ran Chrom a fan found the Album and gave it to him to produce..( how did Carl know that the album was over dubbed??) he undid all the over doing ( how is this done??) and then presented the Lakaiens with this album..... is this about right? however the Lakaiens did not want to produce the album ???
I am solid with that I think this should be in the article... shoot me for wanting more..

I like the orkus quote and agree with it... that is an extremely high concept album.... Its a tough listen if you are not in the mood per se... I never knew that mirror man sounded like that... that is a very very technically engineered album.... there is a point in mm when Alex kind a sounds like Peter Murphy... was that Helium that Alex used :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) =)) =)) maybe it is his falsetto... I am not avantgarde enough to grok that album yet... ;)

There is a whole lot of drum and electro and a little less voice....... I think I need to sit on that one a while longer was not the best day to observe this album .

ok thanks for the Where's Neil when you need him.. info I had no Idea... any thing else you all would like to share with the rabbits?? :-w :-w :-w :-w ;)


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the sampler-releases:

1991 Bouquet Of Dreams - Dark Star (2nd Mix) [1997 Strange Love - Dark Star (2nd Mix)]
1992 Body Rapture II- Dark Star (3rd Mix)
1992 Dion Fortune Sampler Vol. 1- Mirror Man (2nd Mix)
1993 Essence Of ConSequence - Wasted years (acoustic live 1992)
1994 Zillo 5 Jahre Jubiläums Compilation (1989-1994) - 2nd Sun (Lonely Two) [early slightly different version 1994]
1998 Zillo Mystic Sounds Vol. 7- Fighting the green (Das-Ich - Remix)
1999 Zillo Club-Hits 4 - Return (Karl Bartos Remix)
1999 Zillo 1989-1999, Jubiläums-Compilation - Reincarnation (acoustic live 1992)
1999 10 Jahre The Legendary Independent Club - Wasted years (2nd Mix)
2005 Alvarez presents Zeitmaschine Remixed - Return (Remix by Alvarez 2005)
2006 Neil Gaiman - Where's Neil when you need him? - A fish called prince (new Song)


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RaBBitFan meinte:
KYou soooooooo rock..@ this info all in your head???

Thank you.

No, I do not really have all this information in my head, but I got all these sampler-CDs in my DL-collection. Therefore it was easy to check this out :) . "Body Rapture II" was even available as double-vinyl.

Some of these samplers are currently hard to find (especially "10 Jahre The Legendary Independent Club"), but some of them can be ordered, for one at the Zillo-homepage.

You can also find a very good time line (with promotional releases) here:

go to DISCO.[FILE]: A - F and select Deine Lakaien.


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@ Praskowitz... are you talking about THE Jean M. Jahre? in this case I am in need of a partial dissertation on this matter
thank you
10 Jahre The Legendary Independent Club"

please tell us more :D
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