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One might think that a place like the St. Nicolaus church in Aachen is the perfect setting for a Deine Lakaien “acoustic” concert. As beautiful as the sight is, as challenging are the acoustics of such a site, though. Dealing with a reverberation time of 5 seconds is demanding, especially for a singer. So during this evening, which started in bright summer sunlight and with a cloudless blue sky, Alexander’s part was the difficult one. But he met this challenge perfectly well. Only Vivre could not be as chanson-like as usual due to the acoustic environment. The effect of some songs was in fact even enhanced. Mirror Men sounded as eerie as it can be and Dark Star was just as forceful.

The “grand” piano on the other hand was dimensionally challenged. It must have been the smallest one available and therefore the preparation did not always work as planned. The (empty) glass bottle of mineral water used in The Fish called Prince was too heavy and the resulting damping way too strong. After a few beats, Ernst shook his head in dismay and searched for something else. Finally he got back to the sandwich paper, which was already put to use during The Game --- and which had served its original purpose before, according to Alexander.

The opener was Where you are as in past concerts and the set list turned out to be the same. I was full of bliss when the music of 2nd sun touched me softly like the sunbeams that reached through the narrow but high, gothic-style, windows of the church. And so the concert started to work its magic. The following song Who’ll save your world unfortunately will not be found on the “acoustic II” album, which is going to be released in a few days. It is one of the very few examples of songs I like the acoustic version better of than the one recorded in the studio. Its rhythm is more pressing and it sounds purer to me.

In the song description published on Pledge Music, Ernst claims that he never played the instrumental part of Without your words without making mistakes. Tonight is was no different, but there were only 2-3 to be heard. The acoustic version of Fighting the green grows more daring with every concert, I feel. Fascinating! As usual this piece lead to the intermission, the “Konzertpause”.

After 20 minutes the artists were back on stage with Vivre, while outside the sun set. The wings of Blue heart kept unfolding in the nave, carrying the enchantment of the concert deep in the hearts of everybody in the audience. The last peace was Dark Star. At its end, ErnstÂ’s arms seemed to be heavy and both artists appeared exhausted. No wonder, the concert had already lasted for 2 hours.

In the meantime, Deine Lakaien had called the night upon us with their music. Very adequately, they started the encore with Bei Nacht, followed by Wunderbar and finally this magic concert ended with Love me to the end. Though it feels that one has heard this song about a million times, in this church it sounded as if performed for the first time. Ernst played as if the concert just started and Alexander sang this song with an intensity I have not experienced before. The audience must have felt the same: the standing ovations at the end would have lasted much longer if the organizers had not switched on the lights immediately.

Driving home in this wonderful summer night took me an hour, which I felt I had to spend in silence. And as the concert enchanted the night the music reverberated in my soul filling it with comfort and peace.
thx for your kind words!

yes, tigress, it was a very special concert indeed.
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thank you thank you thank you thank you!.. heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr

Acoustics can be a biatch in those old churches( like we have old in America :^o ) I am curious though did Alexander stand/ in one place/ area or did he move around? did you notice a pitch change when he did?

sorry to tech nerd on ya just violently curious..

Hopefully Dear Alice @};- @};- @};-
I will be able to see them live before either they or I well. :-s check out :ymdevil:

I feel when I read your concert reports its as though I am there, seeing and hearing the concert, even the drive home with the warm breeze on your face.. I am extremely grateful for your time and talents shared. Because of you Deine Lakaien will never be lost to us here crossed the pond... ^:)^ ^:)^

thank you.. so much

Rabbitfan :ymcowboy:
Dear Rabbit,
Alexander did move around at least a bit. Playing with the shadows at the sides of the stage. I did not notice any change of pitch but I sat in the first row directly at a box to get as much direct sound as possible. Once I turned my head to the side to see the sun fall through the beautiful windows. One eargot the direct sound and the other one the echo of the reflection at the other end of the nave. A very confusing experience. :-o Five seconds are long! Immediately turned my head back and never looked at those windows again, while our guys were playing. Served me right! :ymdevil:

Alexander was in a good mood and almost moderated that evening. :-*

I will not hear them playing live for a long time :( Maybe on the tour after the release of the new album. But I do not believe the announcement of beginning next year for this this. Never ever will they be able to make it so soon!

Some magic appeared in the form of a giant yellow box on our door step yesterday.. I contained the acoustic album ;) ..and so much Deine Lakaien goodness. I saw the signed cd and started flapping my arms and crying @-) (best to get the mania out now that way when I see them in person so I don't break into a gazillion pieces) I have a bag too and very very very lovely posters...feels kinda like a second teenage hood only with out the puberty B-) My husband and I listen to the Cd last night. Its amazing and then some. Please forgive the next sentence. We laughed so hard during one night. Poor Alex was really working to keep up with Ernst. He did a brilliant job. We started dialog ing during the song. Dh, as Ernst...umm that's interesting lets see where this goes.
me as Alex~ and there he goes, again..'dude time signature is not a suggestion! what is this Jazz?

the great fool and his magician.. ;)

thank you secret Deine Lakaien great pumpkin

the most humbled Deine Lakaien rabbitfan

*ps thx secret sender for union jack ears.. this is the year the flying mint bunny.. heartr
Oh Rabbit I am glad you have received the stuff now :D We got ours sometime ago, just the LP and the CD, the LP is signed and Dirk somehow got our names on the special thanks list as well. It was great to have that. We would have liked to go to the concert at Nuremberg but unfortunately can't. :(
I saw that!! so awesome.. :ymhug: ..at this rate I am never ever ever going to get to see them live..although my husband and I pinky swore that if they by some weird chance decided to play in amercia :ymdevil: (deliberate misspelling) we would see the band play at all cost.~ we have a very cute 4yr old it doesnt eat or sleep but it is super cute the eldest eats and sleeps only..is very bright .. package deal 1500.00 Eu.. you pick up.. =)) =)) =)) =)) :ymdevil: no refunds :ymdevil: :ymdevil: :ymdevil: WYSIWYG :p
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