Favorite song for a funeral


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Goya meinte:

Oh I think just because of the music I would take it but I don't know if the text fits... I would take crucifixio by Lacrimosa... every time I hear it I must think of a funeral and so it would be good... but it won't recover the guests; they will even become more sad...


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The Requiem Ernst has not yet completed! The "Dies irae" (which includes the "tuba mirum") is just beautiful - okay, "queue up for redemtion" (1987) does not really fit as a "Requiem" and has to be adapted somehow. But then a "Kyrie" and 20% are done already.


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either Fama Tuba :angel: or In Lichter Farber... and alot of drinking of the good vodka... If I grow into the weird old lday Im probably going to be  Stupid will probably be the song for me!! : naughty: : naughty: : naughty:

Ville Wonka

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I would rather like the song "Love Will Not Die". I Just think it would be ironical :D
And I really in love with this song. To say I couldn't understand what Mr. Veljanov was singing...


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From DL - The Dive, 2nd Sun, Wasted years, Satellite, Madiel, Days gone by, Away
From Veljanov - In my room
From Sopor Aeternus - Not dead but dying
From unterART - Memento

My funeral will be a little long, lol.


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I always thought that it would be Drive by R.E.M. ;)
...but The Dive by DL is a good choice, too...
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