Forum reopened


1/2 year after the DSGVO came into force, our forum has become active again. We try to take data protection aspects into account as much as possible.

After weighing all arguments for and against the continued operation, we are of the opinion that the information in the forum is worth preserving for some time to come.
This is particularly important because you don't know where the journey is going with the current alternatives, Facebook & Co., and want to offer a self-administered alternative.

We also took the time to use the very latest version of a forum software (xenforo), known as very secure.
We make every effort to ensure that your personal data is secure.

Since the times have changed, we recommend new passwords to all users. "Secret 123" is not a good idea anymore!
We have diligently deleted unnecessary stuff and reduced the forum information to essential parts.

If someone wants their profile removed and cannot do it themselves, we are happy to help. Just ask.
We are also looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. The forum is so huge that we can't have everything in view.
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I am a Fama Tuba
Thx 4 reopening! I hped for this as I also think that we had valuable disussions and information here. And as you say: Who knows which direction „social“ media are going to take...
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