Indicator Tour


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So, who is going to which of the concerts of the Indicator Tour?

I'll most probably be doing:
13th Hamburg
15th Leipzig
17th Berlin

Anyone going to any of those?
Any tips of what to do and where to stay will be very welcome :)

Alexandre Mattioli


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Hi! I am hoping to go to Berlin! :) I was waiting to see if my friend could have the time off then, now he can, so now i'm waiting to see if one of my German friends will have the tickets delivered to her so we don't have to pay so much for postage... :D it's ridiculous that they charge €4,90 to send the tickets within Germany but €34,70 to send them to England... X(
We needed somewhere cheap to stay so someone on this forum suggested this website to me: We have booked at Gästehaus Intervarko which apparently is not so far from where the concert will be held.


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well, there was another interview posted here somewhere which was in English and he actually said they might come to, I hope that will happen too...:D
Even if I AM already going to see them for the second time in Munich...I'll be quite happy to see them a 3rd time too!
BTW if you were on the chat tonight, ds-nel, sorry I wasn't there, I only got home about 1/2 hour ago and knew it would already be too late to catch any of you in Germany.
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