Indigo Man I


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hi guys,

this is a question that came up when talking to Audrey... in the title of this song, what is the "I"? i always thought it was a Roman Numeral, as in "Indigo Man One", implying that there would be an "Indigo Man II"...
but when i talked to Audrey about it, she told me she thought it was an upper case letter "i".

what are your thoughts on this subject? i still think it is a Roman Numeral, otherwise (i hope) they would have put a comma between "Man " and "I" ("Indigo Man, I").
(man, am i obsessed with commas or what? :) )

anyway... let me know what you think...


hi feather,
I always thought, that tnis *I* was another case of Lakaien-english.
like the real meaning was "Indigo man me", me, the indigo man, but they made of it *indogoman I*

but what I`d really like to know: what the hell is an indigo man at all :)



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after listening really hard to the song over and over, and writing down (what i think) the lyrics are (there are one or two words about which i am not sure), i have come to the conclusion that i don't know what an Indigo Man is for sure, either :) ... but it sounds to me like some kind of intergalactic monk or other religious personage: mixing holy water, tending your "underground yard" (which i assume is a graveyard, but am not sure), but at the same time, "romancing on his planet Mars" and "making love amongst the stars"... perhaps it is yet another homage to Stanislaw Lem or some other sci-fi writer?
the world may never know... :-|


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well, indigo is a very dark VioletBlue color.
May be "Indigo man" means a very drunken man who makes really stupid things :) .


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Hallo feather,

In addition to what Liu wrote I want to remark that before the invention of synthetic dye there where only three natural colours: Krap (a salmon-like orange), Indigo (dark blue, like for example in new jeans) and purple. You see, no black and thus no goth without synthetic cloth dye! :) Being an authentic colour used by mankind for millenniums suggests strongly a metaphorical meaning, I would not think of a drunken man.
I would ask you to post the lyrics so we can help you analyzing it (for example me, since I do not have Indigo Man I ). I can tell you so far that I found the song "Crimson Moon" by T-Rex, where there is the line "IÃŒm a chartreuse lover / I am an indigo man / In the black of the night / IÃŒll hold your lily white hand".
I also found two Science Fiction novels in which there are Indigo Men, which is very literal in both. In one there is a blue race ("Heart of Gold" by Sharon Shinn), in the other there is a man whose skin was dyed to indigo as a punishment for sexual harassment ("The Burden of Indigo" by Gene oÃŒNeill).
Judging by T-Rex and "The Burden of Indigo" I would assume that "indigo man" is a specific erotic term, which fits to your quotations of "mixing holy water", "tending your underground yard" (I guess your interpretation of it as a graveyard may be too innocent :) ). The line "romancing on his planet Mars" and "making love amongst the stars" are, in my opinion, purely metaphorical and do not necessarily relate to space. I would rather think of planet Mars as metaphor to manhood.
But I am sure I can make better conclusions when I can read the lyrics.


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well Johannes... i think you've figured it out!!! (and yes, i know what Indigo is... :) )

those T-Rex lyrics are almost exactly what Alexander sings:

The song begins with the words "Underground yard" which are repeated in the background of the song until the song ends...
other "threads" of singing join this first one, the second thread being "Lily white.. lily white..." and changes to other words, which are listed below, then the "main" thread of the song, which is chanted throughout the song, starts:

"he's the charted lover
an indigo, an indigo man
he's the black of the night
an indigo, an indigo man
watching your underground yard
an indigo, an indigo man"

(and he IS saying "charted" and not charteuse... maybe they heard the original song wrong? :) )

meanwhile other threads start:

"more than fine
lily white hands
more than fine
your holy water
lily white hands
your holy water
your holy water...

(then comes a line which i am unsure about... what i hear is something like this, but i could be wrong):

"love the man, he's more than fine"

somewhere in here, humming starts in the background, doubling the melodies of the sung threads...

"watch the steps of an indigo man
wants to melt your secret mind
hoping to hold your lily white hand
longing to mix your holy water
romancing on his planet Mars

then is another line i'm unsure of:

"with the glittering blood of his son/sun"


"making love amongst the stars
your holy water..."

that thread fades out, then the main thread fades out, until you are left only with "Underground Yard" and some other word that i really can't understand..
it could be "wherewithal" or "we're wed all" or "we'll adore" or "where a door?" or anything that sounds like that...

perhaps you should post the entire T-Rex song, so we can compare...


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Hey, this is amazing! The "holy waters" are MARTINIS! *LACH*

The beat of bondage stalks on

"Hey little girl you move so fine
All I want to do is melt your mind
Under the crimson moon
Under the crimson moon
I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon
I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon

You can shake your torpedoes
You can shoot your gun
You can mix your martinis
From the blood of the sun

I'm a chartreuse lover
I am an indigo man
In the black of the night
I'll hold your lily white hand"

So Indigo Man I is actually a Lakaien version of Crimson moon - very interesting. Unfortunately I do not know Crimson Moon, I just found the lyrics on Google when I looked for "Indigo Man". But that seems to be the solution.
I just do not understand what an "indigo man" is exactly...


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Heeeheee!! i never thought of Martini's as "holy", but... whatever floats your boat! ;-)

anyway, seems you have solved a Lakaien mystery, though we still don't know what an Indigo Man is... maybe the members of T-Rex read those stories you mentioned? now I am curious to read them, too! also, to hear Crimson Moon!!!!!

now i'm off to to see if they have any clips of that song online... thanks a lot for your investgative work!! *LACH*


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> it sounds NOTHING like Indigo Man I

Of course, 'cos it sounds perfectly like T-Rex. ;-) But all you hear on amazon is the first few seconds of the song.
I'll try to find the whole song... somewhere out in space... maybe on one of my old records... :) I'll let you know if my search will be successful.



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that T-Rex have taken the mentioned books as inspiration is EXTREMELY inprobable, since the album "Dandy in the Underworld" which includes "Crimson Moon" was released 1977, while the mentioned books were published 2000 and 2002...


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I don't know when or where ( I found the songtext, but I have it here:

Indigo man I

On the ground yard
Lilly white

He's the charted lover
An indigo, an indigo man
He's the black of the night
An indigo, an indigo man
Watching you 'round the ground yard
An indigo, an indigo man

Morning comes
Lilly white man
Your holy water

Darker than as morning fine
Watch the steps of an indigo man
Wants torment your secret lie
Open to hold your lilly white hand

Longing to mix your holy water
Romancing on his planet mars
With the clearing blood(?) of the sun
Making love amongst the stars

Where where go



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Don't say 'oops'... I think neither of the lyrics are 100% right and the thruth lies inbetween.
For example: I think I hear 'glittering blood of his son' rather than 'clearing blood' and why should there be a 'lilly white man' when there's obviousely a 'lilly white hand' in other lines? But 'on the ground yard' seems to be possibly right. 'Melt your secret mind' also sounds right... and so on.

As for the meaning of the indigo man: I guess someone just wanted to write a colorful song. :) There's 'the black of the night', the 'chartreuse lover' (that's such an awful color and is therefore ignored in the DL version I suppose *g*), the 'lilly white hand' and at last the original song was called crimson moon so why shouldn't there be an 'indigo man' - without any sense...? :)

By the way, I found Crimson Moon. I was wondering if maybe the chorus would sound different and more like Indigo Man but it doesn't.



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i was saying "oops" to Johannes' message that both books were written AFTER Crimson Moon was written ...

anyway, your idea about "colours" sounds about right to me... :)

but, i'm not so sure about "on the ground yard"... it doesn't make much sense, but then again, neither does "underground yard" :)


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Oh, so it's my turn to say oops! 'Cause I didn't see you answered Johannes' posting. Just saw the lyrics and related your answer to it...
But... I am not the one to judge if 'underground yard' or 'on the ground yard' makes more sense - I just think it sounds more like 'on the ground yard'. Maybe. Possibly. Not too sure though... ;-)

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