Le Roman de la Rose


I am a Darkstar
a secret person who is big of heart sent this to us.

I instantly loved it... my daughter said it all sounded the same said she of 11 years....yeah so does all your j pop girl.. :p
but to me it was a quiet gentle journey of the first unfoldings of love interest to courtship, desire, passion, regret sorrow and then finally quiet sadness and a softly breaking heart..
gorgeously rendered by our holy soprano colouratura madame Sabine... of coarse made me cry... :((

Thank you dear friend that sent this to me..
your Humble rabbit friend ^:)^


I am a Fama Tuba
As you might have seen on Ernst's facebook page, there is a radio show on BR-Klassik tonight broadcasting a concert of Sabine's PER-SONAT project, which happened last December. It is exactly about this album. You can follow the show live on the BR-Klassik homepage http://www.br.de/radio/br-klassik/index.html (click on the red button on the right, where it says "Webradio"). It starts at 19:05 Berlin time (in about three hours from now).

Have a good time,
Oben Unten