Portla Macedonia in PDX FINALLY


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Ok Got the CD about 3 months ago and just now listened to it.. I know for shame =((

Its really .... interesting... the music is beautiful...Alexanders voice is beautiful and lyrical not so haunting except in one song he sounds kinda mad...
What I find interesting is that Alex sounds to me~(subjective input) less Macedonian at the start of the cd and by the end the sound feels full Macedonian...
I need to hear it more and more for sure to get a better feel for it... but again I am so very very happy to have this CD.....
Thank you sir and Macedonian et al

Lady Ash

I am a Darkstar
RaBBitFan meinte:
he sounds kinda mad...

That'll be "Nie Mehr", I guess, which is a song about a separation and got him many invitations into other women's lives on you tube ;) Knowing the little I do about him, he probably took up none.
Although I have listened to the CD slightly longer than you, I am just rediscovering it and am very much involved in following the Macedonian roots of the work back to their origin. I find that rather thrilling and immensely upgraded my opinion of the Macedonian cultural life.
Do you have the Special, limited whatever version or just the normal CD?
One of my favourite songs these days is on the Bonus CD: "Sweet and Sour" and that is quite haunting in my opinion as well as dead romantic :x

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