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I am a Darkstar
Ok so.. to ensure that the rabbits understands...groks the Lakaiens... I have started listening to the albums in order.. Last night was my first time listening to the whole 1987 album from start to finish...

Of coarse as always I am curiously stunned... for somehow someway... the music seeps into the deepest recesses of my psyche and starts pushing buttons maniacally.. 8-} 8-} 8-} 8-} 8-}
the very first gestalt of the album I could actually put words to is
carmini burana esque
rouge.. like running nekkid with scissors rouge... :ymdevil:
streaks of a higher conscious conflict

this Diene Lakaien word salad brought to you by the letters 9 and the number z

just curious has anyone else done this?? see my husband has the coveted area on the wall cd shelve that no one shall touch so I never even knew he had all of the cd's... Some of them are chrom record originals which he bought in 1989.. his first clue as to their exsistance was from a mystic German sampler... I think I need to sit down with this one for a while... so many details....

a very very stunned rabbit @-)


I am a Fama Tuba
Wow, what a description! I agree with most of the poinst, though I do not hear "carmini burana esque", and I would like to add "rough" and "edgy".

I like this album - it has something Lem-like, an author I adore since before I was a teen, because it is the 7th album which was the 2nd. Like in "The star diaries", where the 7th journey is the 1st.

Let's do the time loop again :D


I am a Darkstar
WOW Seriously I need to check this Lem guy out... I agree with the rough and edgy. seems to me that I miss things hidden in plain sight..thank you ... to further explain the carmina esque feel to the album I thinks its loosely associated with the re incarnation /wheel of life thing then add the pope and executioner its just to me feels a tad bit like that codex.

TIme WaRp :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

woman you are pure genius!
Of coarse!! its the Deine Lakaien mobius loop.. :ymhug:

uh oh its that urge to ask about an art contest again...

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