Saeldes Sanc with Ernst Horn on WGT


I am a Fama Tuba
While Deine Lakaien prepare their 30th anniversary as busy as secretly, Ernst is taking some time for recreation supporting Saeldes Sanc on the WGT Monday next. To all of you, who have not yet heard about it: Saeldes Sanc is the project of Hannah Wagner, one of the singers that can be heard on the last Helium Vola album. On all Saeldes Sanc concerts so far, songs from Helium Vola and Qntal have been performed as well. This is the only, but great chance to experience a live performance of these wonderful pieces of art.

On the set lists until today were the Palästinalied (mit präpariertem Klavier - "Acoustic"-Fans sollten sich das nicht entgehen lassen), Blow northerne wynd, The unquiet grave, Selig, and Rose am Dorn, which I was lucky to hear once in Berlin at the theARTer Gallery (most beautifully!)

Do not miss this, if you attend the WGT or plan to go there!

Furthermore, Ernst produced the first album of Saeldes Sanc. And who knows? Maybe Hannah brings some copies along with her.
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