Saeldes Sanc with Ernst in Berlin


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Sorry, it took me a while to write this. But here comes my report for the concert on last Friday:

People were queuing up to the end of the street in Berlin Lichtenberg to find a place in the theArter gallery to hear Saeldes Sanc, the project of Hannah Wagner, one of the Helium Vola sopranos. This evening Ernst Horn supported her, because the Cellist Georg Pustalka left the project only a few months before. The pieces were quickly arranged for two pianos - or more precisely: piano and keyboard.
So people were queuing up and had to wait quite a while. The venue was almost too small for so many people and it took some time to squeeze them all inside. We were packed like sardines only it was hotter than in a can. It reminded me of the early “goth” days cramped in small venues without air con. Tonight, though, the ventilation was better.
It was crowded, it was hot, and people were waiting eagerly. However, first on the stage was the BSO, Berlin String Orchestra, as support - three people, one violin, and two celli. They played several rock medleys, Metallica, Die Ärzte, Jon Bon Jovi, etc., and in principle did a good job in creating atmosphere. Unfortunately, this atmosphere was somewhat in contrast with the intimate medieval music the audience was expecting and the crowd did not really catch fire.
Finally, Hannah and Ernst took their seats at piano and keyboard. They did not yet start the concert, though. Teller of tales Leonhard von Hohenlohe (aka Peter Arschteufel) made the introductions. His story about a young man and a maiden continued between the songs, leading through the concert. The songs were mainly unknown to the audience and, as with Helium Vola, the lyrics mostly in old French, Latin and Middle High German, and in general not easy to comprehend. So this was a nice and creative alternative to giving the direct translation of each song. In the second part of the concert, Peter could also show his qualities as a bard singing Irish folk songs together with Hannah.
The musical part began with “Virginis Memoriae” (“Reminiscence of the maiden”), an early composition of Hannah. The melancholic piece is not without agitation as you can hear in the interpretation with cello. Second came the Helium Vola song “Rose am Dorn”. As always with his songs, Ernst found a very simple but effective solution for the acoustic version. Hannah had to handle two microphones, one with a lot of echo, and some effects on the piano (I am not 100% sure but sandwich paper might have been part of it). This is just another example that there has to be a Helium Vola concert at one point. “Diu Nahtegal” (“the nightingale”), Hannah’s latest composition, followed. The development is clearly recognizable. This song is now available online. I was enthralled by this sad song, so I do not recall the complete set list, but part of it were the floating “Duez, j’aime par Amorette” (“I love for love”), “Amoris donat exitio” (“Love brings death”), and “Der Valche” (“The falcon”). The last song was the Scottish “Charlie is my darling”, a traditional song about Bonnie Prince Charlie. Hannah’s attachment for folk music is recognizable here. Of course, the audience did not let the artists leave without an encore after this very nice compilation of songs that created an intimate atmosphere of calm melancholy. After “Palästinalied” in the Qntal version (here on the WGT) and “Des winters langiu Naht” (“Winter’s long night”), however, the concert ended.
Somewhere I read that the music of Saeldes Sanc is like Helium Vola without electronics. This is true in view of the fact that Hannah studies classical voice and is a trained singer as well as for the classical background. Though parts of the songs linger on, like Helium Vola, this is not easy listening and no music to dance to. You have to let yourself get involved with the music and your heart will be full.
If you get the chance to be in Munich on March 29th, I recommend that you enjoy this music live yourself. Ernst is announced to support Saeldes Sanc again and Johannes Nonn, who very recently joined the project with his viola, will add a new color. Btw. the people with the longest journey to the concert on last Friday came from Mexico.

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Thank you very much for this quite detailed report! :-bd
Sounds quite good...
I think about going to the munich concert, if work allows me to.


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Thanks again Alice... may have missed the concert in person but not in context, thanks to you!!..

much good karma to you and may you keep mara at bay! :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug: :ymhug:


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are you going to the Helium Vola concerts?? I suspect you are, would you do a rabbitfan a solid and write about and post here... :D :D :D :D :D :D heartr heartr heartr

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