Tour not in Europe????


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I'd love to know if there is anything anytime maybe maybe maybe maybe planned? Or do I have to go to Europe to see Deine Lakaien live? I mean it's not the most cheapest version for me.


Hi, I think Deine Lakaien would love to play in USA/CAN.

Problem is that we didn't finde reliable concert agencies yet.

Even distribution of the cds is a problem since our main distributor went bancrupt.


I am a Darkstar
Aaaaaaaaw, I see. I just think that we need some Deine Lakaien tunes right here. The scene is quiet big and it would be great if the people would got to know and explore our Lakaien as well and not just Wolfsheim who are really popular in Vancouver. Besides the fact that the majority loves that extremely danceable stuff here... ))-: Hopefully you'll find soon a chance to make my dream come true...
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