Translation of Queeny's report on Mannheim


I am a Darkstar
Hello all! I decided to do some translations of the German concert reports. So far I have done Queeny's report for Mannheim so here it is. (Queeny I changed a couple of things a little bit so it would sound better in English)

The fourth day of the tour, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, but dry. That makes travelling easier, even though we are doing it in the winter. The Alte Feuerwache is a beautiful old building, built in 1910. It is a former fire station which is now used as a concert hall.
At 7pm the doors opened and the really spacious hall filled up slowly. The first row in front of the stage filled up quickly and then the lights were out. GodÂ’s Bow were greeted with applause and their mixture of slow and faster songs were a good start to the concert.
As it had been throughout the tour everything went according to schedule and after the intermission the first notes of Colour-ize slowly floated through the hall. At first no one could see Mr Veljanov though we could already hear him. As he appeared under the stage lights the first cheers of the evening broke out. Colour-ize was followed by Reincarnation, during which Mr KajkutÂ’s conga moved independently while he was playing them and fell over to one side. But with a few practised hand movements the drummer fastened the instrument and started playing again.
Even today the audience and the band sound good. The singalong to Fighting the Green goes well and the other songs are well received. The heckle of the day is unqualified praise – someone called out ‘You are only getting better!’
Then something happened that everyone would have preferred not to see. Mr Veljanov started singing Return, took one step too far on the dark edge of the stage and fell into the space between the stage and the audience. Everyone was completely shocked, the band left the stage and Mr Veljanov was helped backstage. There was confusion everywhere. You could see in the many worried looking faces that no one knew what had happened and what would happen next. A few minutes later the band, including the singer, came back onstage and played Return.
We don’t need to allude here to the irony of a certain lyric of this song as Mr Veljanov did that himself when he said (in so many words) ‘…it would have to happen during THAT song…’ The singer and the audience had to laugh a little despite the circumstances and then the pressure of the situation went away.
The band played their whole set including two encores. Nothing was shortened or left out. Respect to Mr Veljanov and Deine Lakaien! Everyone would certainly have understood if the concert had been shorter after such an incident. Mr VeljanovÂ’s health comes first!
So now we hope that everything is ok now and that the tour will go on.
We didnÂ’t expect to meet anyone we knew but then Chris and Claus turned up. Nice to see you. We also had a good chat with some other people. It is always really nice to make contact with people in this way. When you are at a Deine Lakaien concert you always immediately have a common theme to talk about ;)
So now we're off to Dortmund! We will see how it goes tonight. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Till later!
Set List:
01. Colour-ize
02. Reincarnation
03. Into my arms
04. Fighting the green
05. Over and done
06. Where you are
07. Nevermore
08. Gone
09. Europe
10. Return
11. Where the winds donÂ’t blow
12. Overpaid
13. The Ride
14. Farewell

15. Crystal Palace
16. Forever and a day
17. Love me to the end

18. Manastir
19. Pilgrim
Oben Unten