Translation of Queeny's report on Warsaw


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I'm a bit late, sorry!!! I was sick - but here is my translation of Queeny's report:

And then itÂ’s the last day of the Crystal Palace tour. When we arrive in the Polish capital it is slightly cloudy and fairly cold. The Progresja Club is in the Wola district, between a shopping centre and a cemetery ;)
The building is one of those austere, functional structures that we have also often encountered on tour in Germany. A fairly large concert hall is situated in the top floor of the building and we are eager to see how many fans will turn up tonight. There is still a bit of time before the concert and, instead of being good and writing up the tour blog for Leipzig, we take the opportunity to do some sightseeing around the Warsaw castle square. We hope you will understand ;)
We donÂ’t have that much time though because at 6pm the doors at Progresja are opened. The fans have taken the opportunity to get something to drink at the bars in the foyer downstairs and up in the concert hall and are already psyched up for the evening. Gradually the first few are coming into the hall but it takes some time until it fills up completely.
At 7pm it is finally time and GodÂ’s Bow take to the stage. This is a second homecoming for the band as both musicians are from Poland. So of course the audience are addressed in Polish and they are happy to see their own people onstage. Once again tonight as at the earlier concerts GodÂ’s Bow play the same mix of old stuff and tracks from their new album Tranquilizer. It goes over well with the Polish fans. They dance and cheer and itÂ’s obvious that they are enjoying the performance. There is another half an hour to wait after the last song by GodÂ’s Bow.
Finally the intermission is over and then it’s time for many of the Polish fans to realise their dream of seeing Deine Lakaien live at last, and not just a short set at a festival but a whole concert. The band are greeted by loud cheers as soon as they walk out on the stage and as soon as Mr Veljanov enters the stage to the first chords of Colour-ize the cheers break out once more. After that song Mr Veljanov greets the fans in Polish and of course that is also met with cheers. The rest of the evening’s conversation with the auditorium is conducted in English. But it’s the music that matters here, not talking. And the fans want the band to know that the music is dearly loved here. The audience seem to enjoy every second and every note played, whether it be oldies like Reincarnation, Into My Arms and Fighting the Green, or Nevermore and Where the Winds Don’t Blow from the new album Crystal Palace. Someone calls out ‘I love you!’ Mr Veljanov grins and answers ‘Oh you do? I know.’
Ernst HornÂ’s electronica and keyboard playing, the sometimes strong, sometimes delicate drumming of Slobadan Kajkut, Goran TrajkoskiÂ’s accentuated use of guitars and electronics and last but not least the fascinating voice of Alexander Veljanov all make the hearts of the fans in Warsaw beat faster. They sing and clap along eagerly and the mood could hardly be better. So the time flies by and itÂ’s time to say Farewell for the last time here in Warsaw.
But the fans won’t let the Lakaiens get away so easily. ;) They cheer with all their strength and then of course the band can’t avoid coming back onstage and inviting those present back into their Crystal Palace. We remain Forever and a Day only to come back to love at the end, which according to Mr Veljanov is the band’s favourite theme. Love Me to the End is the last song of the first encore although most of the audience would have wished for ‘…this night forever, no morning will come’. But there are only two more songs to complete this evening’s concert and they are also loudly demanded by the audience. With Manastir Baroue and the epic Pilgrim this wonderful final concert of the tour comes to an end.
‘Time restarts in the void…’ – the light comes on and Deine Lakaien come to the front of the stage to take their leave of the audience with a deep bow.
The fans thank ‘their Lakaiens’ with thunderous applause and show their enthusiasm once more. Then it gradually becomes quiet, people start to move towards the exit or stay in the foyer or at the merchandise stand and chat. We were also able to talk to a few people. English makes it possible ;)
We had a really nice talk with Anna and Magda and we hope to see you again in Germany at the acoustic concert in Berlin.
So that was it then. Over and Done, so to speak. With that this wonderful tour is at an end and we are really glad that we could be there. Two weeks with wonderful music, great people and lots of fun. Thanks to Deine Lakaien but also to all the nice fans whose acquaintance we made or met up with again.
WeÂ’ll see you at the festivals or in December at the acoustic concerts. Till then ;)
Set List
01. Colour-ize
02. Reincarnation
03. Into my arms
04. Fighting the green
05. Over and done
06. Where you are
07. Nevermore
08. Gone
09. Europe
10. Return
11. Where the winds donÂ’t blow
12. Overpaid
13. The Ride
14. Farewell
15. Crystal Palace
16. Forever and a day
17. Love me to the end
18. Manastir Baroue
19. Pilgrim
Oben Unten