TV-programs with DL


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Hello to everyone! =^.^=
Not so long ago on youtube emerged the video with the show "Klassentreffen", where Alexander took part.
I know that Mr.Horn and he participated in some more tv-programs (such as Pro7).
Does anyone know is it possible to find that videos? :)
Thank you in advance for help.

Lady Ash

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If you were registered on youtube, you could always ask the user who uploaded the Klassentreffen if she or he had the Pro7 show, too. In the Forum, I don't know: Some people (not me) have watched the show and found it pretty embarrassing, but I honestly don't know who has copies. I certainly don't.


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Oh yeah, the Viva Special is great :) I've seen this but it's so much information... you can watch this more often :))

Byronic Hero

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I am from Russia=)
I study English and German, but German is my second foreign language and English i study the most part of my life, so I know it much better.
Hope my German will become better in future to understand purely ALL such TV- programms and interviews with our favourite DL :D
(hope Moderator won't punish me for flood :p)


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Btw, has any one come up yet with this infamous Pro 7 morningthingy? It is not yet on youtube as far as I know ... just curious ;)
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