Deine Lakaien at M'era Luna 2014


I am a Fama Tuba
It has been posted before on zhe German forum, but this is a MUST for everybody: part of the gig our Lakaiens were playing at this years M'era was broadcasted by German TV and at the moment the stream is still active:,meraluna542.html

The first three songs are missing. They started with Colour-Ize. Reincarnation followed and then they played Fighting the Green. Unfortunately, Nevermore, the second but last song, is missing as well.

I do not like festivals but after I saw the videos from Bolkow I felt such a longing that I just HAD to go. After all, it was only a two-hours drive. I am still totally flashed! I love to hear the old songs in this all-electronic arrangement and Slobodan Kajkut as drummer is SO cool! And Goran Trajkoski playing guitar, electronics (since Ernst did not grow another arm) and singing back-vocals seems a perfect match. I am sure that the songs will develop with time as always. But this was a great start!
Thank you so very much, guys! :x
sooo awesome ^:)^ thank you Alice... love love love fighting the green.. always with the emotion that song.. :x
I was there, too :) I loved it, especially since it had been the first time in like 16 years or so that I could see them live. I cried even :)
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