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Colour-Ize Team

I am a Darkstar
We all missed Robert Wilcocks at die WGT 2011. On our request Deine Lakaien sent us this statement:

Dear Friends

Regretfully, we have to announce that Robert Wilcocks will no longer be part of our live band. It was his wish to leave in order to turn to his new project, which he has already started working on.
Alexander and I wish him all the best and we will inform you about his musical work in the future. We hope that the Colour-Ize community will follow and support Robert's musical activities.

Deine Lakaien,
Ernst and Alexander

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We wish Robert all the best! And hopefully he will tell us about his new projekt :)


I am a Fama Tuba
This is SO SAD! I always loved Robert's performance =((
Nevertheless: May the new plans and projects flourish :ymhug:
Oben Unten