Favorite DL Songs.

OK, that's hard...I love all DL music...OK, now then my favourite songs:
Return, Sometimes, Generators, Dark Star, Reincarnation, Kiss, Lass mich, Wunderbar, Frühlingstraum.
mindmachine / as it is / lost / game / where u are /// i am wondering why i dont see most of these songs o_O ...
My favourite song at all is "Wasted Years".
From DL i love also "Night of Love", "Wunderbar", "Where you are", "Vivre", "Generators" and some more ;) It depends on my mood...
I;m new to this Fan Community, but listening ti DL for a looooong loooong time. My favorites over the years are Reincarnation anf dark star, but there is a great deal of excellent songs on every Deine album, like Return, Over and Done.... It is hard to separate favorites when all songs are WOW...
Uhmm... it's difficult because I love every song from DL... But "my greatest hits" are
Cupid's Disease; Down, Down, Down; Fish; Lass mich; Life is a sexually transmitted disease; My Decision; Over and Done; Reincarnation; Stupid; Supermarket (my Angel); Through The Hall;...
Lately my ears were raped. I went to Media Markt (one of the best music shops in Wroc?aw) and just looking through the metal/alternative section I found Angelzoom. I heard that people go ecstatic about this band and decided to listen to the CD. Everything was OK (apart from the music ;)), but then I recon that "I know this one". I listened harder and I recognised it was cover of Into My Arms by DL. Like one girl said "She howls and has no balls"
Love me to the end, Kasmodiah, return, fighting the green, nightmare, where you are...Damned, all they songs are almost perfect, and wonderfull...
1. return (it's the first song i ever heard of DL so it's very special)
2. love me to the end (the 2nd song *lol* but anyway, a masterpiece, no matter how much it gets on their nerves :D)
3. generators (because of the lyrics...actually i sort of drew them and made a poster out of them, i might take a pic of it and show u once i get my digi-cam^^)
BettaSplendens meinte:
difficult...I like forest and the kiss

Me too! But I also love Cupids Disease and many more... changes every day :wink:
And I like The Mirror Man... mostly the acoustic bridge when "your sweet Ernsti" : naughty: is torturing the piano.
I admire the acoustic album and all these beautiful songs were played so unusual. I was lost in trance when I heard it))) :x
"Mirror Men" sounds more brutal there I think.
I like quite a few of their songs but my favorites probably are:
love me to the end
into my arms
where you are
follow me
and a fish called prince
My favorite songs are:
2nd Sun
But it is always so hard to choose...Sometimes i think i like ALL songs, especially from Kasmodiah.
I understand people, who says "all their songs are best" :D
but still, for me the best of the best songs are: Overpaid, Return,(and all songs from album "Kasmodiah"I consider to genius), Away, Lonely, Wasted Years, Kiss, Fighting the green, Forest, Don't Wake Me Up, Satellite and Death-Raft :)
They change, my favourites ... at the moment, I'd chose the following ten:

Nobody's Wounded
The Battle of the Ghost
As It Is
The Game
Silence in Your Eyes
Slowly Comes my Night
Midnight Sun
Blue Heart
Not easy to tell, because there I am simmilar with Lady Ash; It´s changing all the time.

Six o´clock
Waisted Years
Mirror Men
Fighting the Green
Over and done
Oben Unten