Favorite DL Songs.



OK, that's hard...I love all DL music...OK, now then my favourite songs:
Return, Sometimes, Generators, Dark Star, Reincarnation, Kiss, Lass mich, Wunderbar, Frühlingstraum.


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mindmachine / as it is / lost / game / where u are /// i am wondering why i dont see most of these songs o_O ...


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My favourite song at all is "Wasted Years".
From DL i love also "Night of Love", "Wunderbar", "Where you are", "Vivre", "Generators" and some more ;) It depends on my mood...


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I;m new to this Fan Community, but listening ti DL for a looooong loooong time. My favorites over the years are Reincarnation anf dark star, but there is a great deal of excellent songs on every Deine album, like Return, Over and Done.... It is hard to separate favorites when all songs are WOW...


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Uhmm... it's difficult because I love every song from DL... But "my greatest hits" are
Cupid's Disease; Down, Down, Down; Fish; Lass mich; Life is a sexually transmitted disease; My Decision; Over and Done; Reincarnation; Stupid; Supermarket (my Angel); Through The Hall;...


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Lately my ears were raped. I went to Media Markt (one of the best music shops in Wroc?aw) and just looking through the metal/alternative section I found Angelzoom. I heard that people go ecstatic about this band and decided to listen to the CD. Everything was OK (apart from the music ;)), but then I recon that "I know this one". I listened harder and I recognised it was cover of Into My Arms by DL. Like one girl said "She howls and has no balls"


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Love me to the end, Kasmodiah, return, fighting the green, nightmare, where you are...Damned, all they songs are almost perfect, and wonderfull...

Sky Lumina

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1. return (it's the first song i ever heard of DL so it's very special)
2. love me to the end (the 2nd song *lol* but anyway, a masterpiece, no matter how much it gets on their nerves :D)
3. generators (because of the lyrics...actually i sort of drew them and made a poster out of them, i might take a pic of it and show u once i get my digi-cam^^)


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BettaSplendens meinte:
difficult...I like forest and the kiss

Me too! But I also love Cupids Disease and many more... changes every day :wink:
And I like The Mirror Man... mostly the acoustic bridge when "your sweet Ernsti" : naughty: is torturing the piano.

Ville Wonka

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I admire the acoustic album and all these beautiful songs were played so unusual. I was lost in trance when I heard it))) :x
"Mirror Men" sounds more brutal there I think.


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I like quite a few of their songs but my favorites probably are:
love me to the end
into my arms
where you are
follow me
and a fish called prince

Wolfin aus Stahl

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My favorite songs are:
2nd Sun
But it is always so hard to choose...Sometimes i think i like ALL songs, especially from Kasmodiah.

Byronic Hero

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I understand people, who says "all their songs are best" :D
but still, for me the best of the best songs are: Overpaid, Return,(and all songs from album "Kasmodiah"I consider to genius), Away, Lonely, Wasted Years, Kiss, Fighting the green, Forest, Don't Wake Me Up, Satellite and Death-Raft :)

Lady Ash

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They change, my favourites ... at the moment, I'd chose the following ten:

Nobody's Wounded
The Battle of the Ghost
As It Is
The Game
Silence in Your Eyes
Slowly Comes my Night
Midnight Sun
Blue Heart


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Not easy to tell, because there I am simmilar with Lady Ash; It´s changing all the time.

Six o´clock
Waisted Years
Mirror Men
Fighting the Green
Over and done
Oben Unten