For you Deine Lakaien


I am a Darkstar
An Die Musik

Du holde Kunst, in wieviel grauen Stunden,
Wo mich des Lebens wilder Kreis umstrickt,
Hast du mein Herz zu warmer Lieb entzunden,
Hast mich in eine beßre Welt entrückt!
Oft hat ein Seufzer, deiner Harf’ entflossen,
Ein süßer, heiliger Akkord von dir
Den Himmel beßrer Zeiten mir erschlossen,
Du holde Kunst, ich danke dir dafür!

Love Rabbit


I am a Darkstar
Oh no Pandora I dont write German at all but I am a great copy and paster in many languages... marvel at my skill :)) :)) relax mods its from my own scanned in collection... and yes DD this is in my top 10... for vocal auditions.. very beautiful.. my voice is a little rough for it now I need a lot of work... but I love the meaning behind the words... I feel this piece. I feel it would be worth the effort. I love schubert his work is really amazing... I still think there is something to Schubert and LOTR?? maybe?

enough of me though this is for those who make the beautiful music of Deine Lakaien... its through that very music in which I and countless other here on colour-ize have been transformed even in the darkest days we will always have the music

deepest respects

Oben Unten