pimpin' the Lakaiens in sin city


I am a Darkstar
This is a true story that is a repost from the Deine Lakaien fb page.( I gave myself exclusive rights to repost)
"true story from Sin city Las Vegas Nevada... I and my Deine Lakaien bag are walking through the Mandalay bay hotel when I was tapped on the shoulder by an Asian man speaking German... I apologized and said sorry dumb american I only speak american English.. he laughed then asked about what the bag was about. Well and how i told him all about Deine Lakaien, gave him the forum information .. he quickly put the info in his smart phone I gave a number of suggested songs to listen to dark star, wunderbar, gone, Ulysses.. then his entourage came we shook hands and that was that.. So I hope we see a new fan on the forum... funny story no?? this shout out goes to Alice and the Lakaiens you from LV.."

other funny stuff about the bag and me is that people glanced at the words on the bag and tried to speak German to me.. ummm I have the most irish looking face ever..as I said in another post I kinda look the dude on the face of the old Mad magazines..red messy hair gap in front teeth pug nose.. So yeah.. not so much the German look have I.. :-o

I only wish that the guy would have stayed longer so I could have seen his face when he heard the first Deine Lakaien song.. =((

Keep Pimp'n y'all.. wear that swag...

<3 the very rabidfan
while it is no secret that I love the Lakaiens and side projects like a fat kid loves cake.. this rabbitfan is never ever ever flying again.. a little turbulence my ass.. looks like I will love and pimp from a distance.. heartr
for the record the royal we do not fly well anyway.. this last flight just sealed the deal.. the question is ..which is stronger my fear of flying or my love of Deine Lakaien.. :-?
great story! I hope, one day we will meet this guy here ;;) spread da lakaien glory all over the world :ymhug:
flying over te ocean is not that bad at all - most of the time, the plane is in the jet stream. that is rather smooth travelling ;)

Thou art the Big White RaBBit and we adore you for your Lakaien devotion ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^
ooo rabbitfan, how I do understand your fear of flying. Same thing here, except of course that I happen to live in the same country as Deine Lakaien and their bag which belongs to me ...

I'd be glad to meet either the states person in the forum or you in person ;-)
AH pimpin' ain't easy.. :ymdevil: :ymdevil: :ymdevil:
good blessings to you lady Ash and thank you. @};- . did you mean that all the bag are belong to us?? :-o like making the ultimate olde skool nerd pun :-B about the engrish all your base belong to us?? bc that's comedy gold right there!!!..
I just wonder what forum he will join? will it be the German one? the English one?? umm should have exchanged names.. who knows.. @};-

speaking of olde skool there is an ascii game called angband.. its a rouge game based on the Silmarillion .. like net hack heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr heartr but nerdier..
scanning the noobs on this forum.... I cannot tell if the the random stranger has signed on??? who would know?? how would one know?? would be soo very cool to meet up again.. see Deine Lakaien should be take on a statehood... I am sure the Olympic committee would be hard pressed to ignore the global unity of that the Lakaien fan base (and of course the magnanimous leaders) commit to.... :D :D :D :D
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