what song lyrics best describe you?

Sometimes, sometimes
I loved someone
Sometimes, sometimes
Someone loved me
That's all I know...
...Kiss me kiss me like I kiss you
miss me miss me like I miss you
while you dream your dream of somebody else
I play for you the whole night through
i realy do adore a lot of Deine Lakaien songs , but i can say any of those can describe me
songs to descibe me would be Nine Inch Nails songs , i think ; something like " i do not want this" or " only" , every NIN songs in fact
A friend of mine told me i 'am summed up by " mouth" , a Bush song
i admit
Lonely where should I be if this is not my land
Slowly life is running through my finges like sand
So you go 'round and 'round and 'round
Another life another wound
And when you finally touch the light
They'll send you back into the night

it's from Reincarnation i like this song most
But when I awoke there was ne sun
And the wind blew cold and strong

I woke up just a few minutes ago and I saw the weather outside... So I think that this song lyrics really fits!
Hm...in this moment Wasted Years, Traitors and Frühlingstraum. But tomorrow my answer may will be different. :)
Definitly "Wasted years" (look at my signature :wink:)
I have had this feeling very often (mostly when there was school work to be prepared for a longer time and I started to work few weeks or even days before the "deadline" and then I became hysteric) and the worst, I didn't learn to avoid this mistake...
Talking about Deine Lakaien Lyrics , "Away" - is one of my most favourite from their songs . This song is reflection of my melancholy, describes state of mind perfectly.
and "Lonely", of course.
For a long time, I've never felt so at home with any lyrics, as with

"As it is"
This is here and this now
And it says yes I am alone

At the moment, however, there is so much upheaval in my life that I could be picking new mottos every few hours. I don't know ... "Stupid" (Whatever I do it's bound to be wrong) ? ;)
catch a glance
try a smile
say hello
stay for a while

from "The Dive"

and for the future (not achieved yet ;) )

and i changed my life
and i moved outside
where the water is clear and pure
where the lands are wide
where the air is bright

from "Where you are"
You left the platform
In opposite direction
I'd missed again
Any word of affection
And where the rails end
There's no more denying
And when the sun dies
There's no more denying

Oh my love
We've been waiting far too long
Oh my love
Now the days are gone
Have to run along
an extended line
have to hurry on
within shortened time

So much unrest in my life, so many demands to meet.
The staccato patterns describe it perfectly.
Oben Unten