Deine Lakaien in Russia


I am a Darkstar
Well, I understand that we have a similar topic in the german-speaking part of the phorum. But as for me, I don't feel too comfortable about german (lack of knowledge, yes).

So, who is coming to the DL concerts in Russia? Any Ideas, expectations... or dreams?

As for me, I will be in B2 club on June 18th, have already bought a ticket to VIP zone ( I am too old for dancefloor :)) Expecting a great show, and a big croud as well. Such a small club...would it be enough to room all the DL fans?  Harldly  so.
400 places?  Wow, they really underestimate the amount of people with good music taste...
Though the philarmonic hall is Ideal for DL... Alexander''s voice should sound gorgeous there.

Yes, I am from Moscow
RUSSIANS! espesially those who live in Spb, please answer me! i want to go and i try to find a ticket, but I don't know where. And I also don't know, where will be the concert itself.
help me!

please write here
Well, I'm not from Spb, but I know, that the gig itself will take place at a very small hall, probably it will be impossible to buy tickets right before the show

Being a Moskovite, I feel it is my duty to provide some information for the people, who want to visit Moscow and see DL concert there. Especially for those for whom it will be the first visit.
1. the club. B2 is situated on Bolshaya Sadovaya str., not far from metro station "Mayakovskaya". Attention! The map on the club's site is of little help for you, because the main exit from Mayakovskaya is closed now, and the other exit is a little farther from the club. If you need a map, just tell me and I will draw it for you.
2. Tickets. Ireally don't think that it will be possible to buy them right before the concert unless you have reserved them. So it makes sense to reserve a ticket.
3. Accomodation. Moscow hotels can be divided into 3 categories: expensive, very expensive, and cheap roachnests with no vacant rooms. If you come from abroad just to see the show, I think the best place for you would be "Bega" hotel(***). It is not too far from the club, rather unexpensive. If you need more concrete information, just ask.
4. Weather. This June is very unstable in Moscow, hot days are followed by cold rain and hurricanes, so take your umbrella, warm coat and light sandals with you :)

Feel free to ask questions, all DL fans are my friends :)
draw meinte:
I got the ticket! I got the ticket! : naughty:

I was there! I was there!  : smile2:

Last Saturday  in a small hall of a Philharmonia. Damn! That was GREAT! Much thanks for DL.  : naughty: : naughty: : naughty:
Hope I'll see them again here!
Great pictures, thanks for the link! Please do tell us some more about the concert, I am very curious! And do you remember the setlist?

Great energy, professionalism, very emotinal and pleasant performance. The whole band is like one crew, they live in the music and their performance looks very sincere - so if you have an opportunity to visit the gig - don't miss it  :wink:
There was also good light, but there were 2 small troubles in the sound, that Alexandr even lunged his face in suprise ;>
I don't remember the exact set-list, but I think smb will finally post it - usually fans get it from the stage, there was one there, but the stage was not near to me - so someone else have caught the set list ;>
Well, the show was highly energetic and professional. It started right in time, and from the very beginning the audience was enchanted by the music and voice.
The first song was "falling", Alexander started singing while being still in backstage, and when he appeared, he was drowned in applause. The next song was "over and done", and the fans sang in together with Alexander, sometimes their voices were louder than his :)
As far as the stage is concerned, it was rather small and low, so the musicians were very close to their fans. Alexander was constantly holding their hands, playing with them, sometimes he addressed somebody personally when singing. Some fans managed to embrace or even kiss him :)  He really held the audience, and the audience held him :). He led the show in an incredible mixture of English, German and Russian, sometimes he looked confused or out of words, but the audience understood him perfectly well.
There were several funny moments :) The first one, when a fan started shouting ""Lass mich, Lass mich lass mich"" and the whole audience continued shouting these words :) Alexander seemed impressed and confused :) And the other one, when Alexander introduced himself as ""My name is Alexander Sasha Veljanov" :)
Yes, it was a great show. The club fas full and all the musicians were playing fanatically. I think that some russian groups should take this show as an example of a perfect team work and of perfect connection between the musicians and the audience.
Venome meinte:
Alexander was constantly holding their hands, playing with them, sometimes he addressed somebody personally when singing. Some fans managed to embrace or even kiss him :)  He really held the audience, and the audience held him :).

:-o  : surprised: Wow, that doesn't sound like the Alexander I "know". How very cool :) And everything else you wrote about the concert makes it sound like a true Deine Lakaien concert!
Thanks for the enthusiastic report!
Alexander shaking hands all the time, letting himself getting kissed and embraced?  Hm, did I unperceivedly switch to a parallel universe?

@Darkiya: Great pictures. Thank you!
It seems like they did perform with only one violinist, Ivee Leon is missing.
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