Deine Lakaien in Russia

Venome meinte:
I think that a letter to the members of Russian Synth Community will be better:) 
By the way, it seems that there are no fan clubs of DL in Russia, no fan sites. See what I am driving at?

As I know, RSC are totally agree in case of second time of DL in Russia ))

Especially if show will have not less but bigger success ;)))
davie meinte:
As I know, RSC are totally agree in case of second time of DL in Russia ))

Especially if show will have not less but bigger success ;)))
I think that all the people who were in B2 on June 18th will for sure go to the next gig and take their friends with them! As for me, for sure I would come with my husband and my sister. There are some pepole, who couldn't go to this gig (actually they are biting their elbows now :)), but they won't miss the next :)
but if more people come, it will be nessesary to make a concert at another bigger place, and all the closeness between the musicians and audience will escape. I'm really afraid of it!
Varda meinte:
but if more people come, it will be nessesary to make a concert at another bigger place, and all the closeness between the musicians and audience will escape. I'm really afraid of it!
I think, "Tochka" is bigger than "B2". And there is always enought "closeness between the musicians and audience". So it will be like the "next step".
juventa meinte:
Yes, these posters (or I would rather call them playbills) really make me happy :). I wonder if there really were some people who came to listen to a "chamber consort" :)

(to guys who can''t read in Russian: in the second pic up and down from DL playbill there are announcements of classical piano and cello concerto with music of Chopin, Schumann, Strauss)
A short message for russian-speaking fans.

In NEWS of COLOUR-IZE ( )the following report about the concerts in Russia is laid out:

«Deine Lakaien ??????? ??????? ? ?????? ? ????????? ? ????????????? ?????????????. ? ??????, ???????????? ??????  ?.-????????????? ????????????? ??????????, ?????? ????????????? ???????, ? ????? ???????? ??????? ???????????? ????, ? ?????????? ??????????? ???????? ? ????? «?-2», ??????? «???????» ? ??????? ????????????? ?????, ??????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???????????? ??????? ? ?? ???????.»
(Original version „Deine Lakaien zurück aus Russland” )

It’s pleasant to hear that!  : heart2:
I'm so happy, that DL was pleased with the concerts in Russia! So, they will come again! We are waiting!
Wonderful report, sometimes a little bit funny, especially the moment with Horn's ability to hide anywhere. Thanks, Draw! =)
Hello! This is my first visit. I have translated this interview and I hope it will be interesting for you.
P.S. Please excuse my awful English.

Interview with Alexander Veljanov (DEINE LAKAIEN)
There are people conversations with who is an unforgettable event. To such people, certainly, I concern vocalist of band Deine Lakaien. That’s why, certainly, I was very nervous. During waiting for this interview and while I was preparing cameras, notebooks and dictaphones, I didn’t notice, how into a room came Veljanov - low, extremely charming and charismatic. Though in life his charisma is a little bit other, than on a stage - softer and more open. He stretches a hand – “Alexander. Excuse me I don’t speak Russian at all”. And suddenly he begins asking questions. “You are from web – zine? Why do you come for an interview to St.-Petersburg not to Moscow?” It’s a good question. I try to explain that as I think St.-Petersburg is much more in harmony with spirit of their performance. Besides to receive “access to a body” in Moscow is more difficult (special thanks for Russian Synth Community and SpbGoth.Ru for the opportunity to have this interview). It seems that he is satisfied. The interview begins.

Leokadia: What do you feel now before concerts in Russia, what do you expect about Russian people?

Veljanov: Of course it’s very curious, how it will be. We have never had concerts in Russia or somewhere on a post-Soviet area, just one concert in Riga. So it’s very interesting, what will come out. We don’t wait for a lot of fans, two – three hundreds, probably. But I hope that they will meet us heartly.

Leokadia: " The Chamber ensemble ", which performance is declared in the announcement, is your constant team, or you invited the local musicians?

Veljanov: No, it’s our full show usually it is a six person, but this time one of our violin-player is ill. We will start our first orchestra tour devoted to the 20 years anniversary of the band (the title „20 Jahre electronic avantgarde“ – L.) It will be at the beginning of a next year. We invite an orchestra from Frankfurt, which already participated in similar shows. We are planning to visit some cities but unfortunately only in German. Just try to imagine how expensive to take with itself the whole orchestra. Besides in German we are more popular than abroad as we think.

Leokadia: Modern musicians more and more often use electronics – it is easier to write in a laptop maximum quantity of sounds and play alone or together as a whole band. But you have your own vision – live instruments, performances with an orchestra, why do you choose this way?

Veljanov: I canÂ’t say that we avoid electronics in our music of course no we use it very often. But live instruments give us an opportunity for experiments. ItÂ’s a show, constant improvisation, where something always changes. You see a melody it is not a set of sounds that always remain the same. ThatÂ’s why every time we do something in another way. We grow and change, and music varies together with us

Leokadia: Repeatedly you have mentioned that you never use personal emotions and feelings in your lyrics. Why?  

Veljanov: As to Deine Lakaien, that’s right. For example project Veljanov is more personal, there is a lot of mine. And DL – it’s just a theater, a stage for expression of the certain images. But at the end it is all - about life. You see human feelings and experiences – love, death, pain, and search of sense – always remain the same and every human has it. That’s why they are clear and close for many people, are universal, without dependence from a degree of my personal contribution. By that we also differ from an animal that we are constantly ask a questions, and we take the responsibility for the environmental world

Leokadia: Deine Lakaien is a German band, but in general you sing in English, you are from Macedonia and sometimes use Macedonian names of songs …   What about languages? Are they very important and have special meanings?

Veljanov: There is no special system everything depends of song and what you want to express. For example German approaches only for slow lyrical ballads, and almost it does not suit for the rest. English is more universal. From time to time we, certainly, try to experiment. For example song “Vivre” is on French I have wrote a text though mine French isn’t brilliant, and to the end I wasn’t sure, should I do this or not. But then it was listened by the French and they told, that it’s OK. Maybe some day I will learn Russian and will write a song on it.

Leokadia: You both have your own solo projects, Ernst Horn - Helium Vola and Qntal, you – Veljanov. In spite of this you have managed to remain together and to keep DL that is very rare. What are the reasons for this kind of stability and what is the role of these projects - in them you scoop energy for creativity of the basic group, or on the contrary Deine Lakaien – is a good ground for creation new and new side-projects?

Veljanov: It doesn’t matter what some people had wrote or told we never were going to part, despite of the comments such as “Alexander Veljanov ex-Deine Lakaien”. Yes, it is always good to be engaged in something else to realize itself. If for 20 years to do the same, necessarily it becomes bore. Of course we scoop energy in our projects but they as are high-grade as DL. I also work with other musicians, but I have never had an idea to be separated

Leokadia: You always very warm speak about your family – wife and daughter. It is very unusual for the “dark” stage - where it is absolutely not accepted to have family in habitual sense of this word, or to tell about it to public. Don’t you afraid that it will damage your image of a “dark prince”?

Veljanov: All these are nonsenses! For me it’s bothered, that people associate me only with “dark prince “, that is, I should all life put on service to this image, as Mr. Eldridge. It comes out that the image is primary, and that I actually think, I feel and I want it is secondarily. I am alive man, there is more sides in me, than it sometimes try to be submitted, and it seems, that from a recognition it and demonstration human, instead of any demonic nature I only will win, no less than public

Leokadia: Thanks for your answers!

Veljanov: Good luck, have a good concert!

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