First song you listen to from DL


The video was on a Beauty In Darkness DVD, the first I bought of the series, and I loved it from the first listen.

The video is amazing too, rather creepy, in a very sterile way. Great inspiration for minimalistic art.
Maybe you'll hate me because I always yelled at my "sister" "What the hell is this s***!?" But then I heard Return, and recolected that I've heard it on the radio a few years before... So... Return is the song... But after I borrowed the CD it was The Game...
Into my arms. The videoclip on MTV. I did not like it then and was wondering all the time what the heck it was this funny little man was wearing on his head.
It was "Colour-Ize", a live version on the "We Came To Dance Vol. 2"- Sampler. Didn't like it then, perceived it as too whiny and self- pitiful.
Not very tall, I suspect, judging by pictures, and the "Return" video... But I'm not sure if anyone knows much at all about either of them?

I'm beginning to get a little curious about Ernst, how many instruments does he play?
I am 160 cm high, and he is not much higher than me without his hair ;) so I guess about 165 cm.

I guess somewhere between 165 and 170 (without the hair ;)). I'm 173 cm and I didn't perceive him as being very much shorter...
But on topic again: I don't exactly remember what the first song was that I heard, but it was one from Acoustic. I liked it, but there weren't any real..erm...sparks. That took about seven years to happen ;)
Dark Star

And Ernst is a conductor and also studied piano and drums, as far as I know.
I don't really know... I think it was the first song of the Acoustic-Tour in december 2001 in the Berliner Passionskirche.
Oben Unten