First song you listen to from DL

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First song was a while ago, on a compilation (The Synthetic Music Collection or something like that), and I was totally struck by the voice and the amazing beats! It was "Return".
My first song was << Return >>
I love it :heart2: . I think it is on of the best songs of them..
I love them.

2Bye :pleased:
my first song I listened was "colour-ize" (the version from the 1992 live album). Listened in a underground club in 1993.
Oh, the first DL song I've listened to was...I can hardly remember that day, because it was about 2 years ago...It was "Love me to the end" and since that moment I've felt in love with this band... : heart2: : heart2: : heart2:
*lach* The first one was the intro from Kasmodiah, but that doesn`t count, I think.
So the first song was return.
The first song I heard was "return", but it was not the song which caught me.&nbsp; Probably it was "Fish" that made me&nbsp; DL fan.
"Colour-ize"&nbsp; - I've already wrote somewhere about it. The "1st album/Deine Lakaien" was the first one, that I heard from DL. There's some logic im my "relationship" with Deine Lakaien, I think&nbsp; :)
The first DL song I ever heard was “Lonely” and I immediately fell in love with the band after listening to that.&nbsp; It’s still one of my favourite songs of them.&nbsp; :)
It was the first DL song i managed to download.&nbsp; I read about them somewhere and i was curious about their sound. I fell in love with this song and listened to it hundred times. I remember my father was very surprised - before i had listened mostly to metal music, so such sounds in my room were shocking to him :)

By the way - i'm new here, so hello everybody! :D
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