First song you listen to from DL

The first one I heard was on Pandora, it was supermarket (my angel) but my favorite was virve
it was something by the Winter Fish Testosterone album at any Soundgarden Show at "Radio Fritz" that made me want to go to the concert in Bischofswerda at the Kulturhaus with Qntal (these were times ... the Kulturhaus hosts now shows by Volksmusik stars ... and is this Kultur?!)
The one I first heard was Love Me To The End, the 20 Years Of Electronic Avantgarde version on Youtube. I didn´t then pay so much attention on the song, and my first impression of the band was something like "ok, so they play some kind of medieval music". I had read about the band in a very interesting person´s blog and was pretty convinced the music she listened to would also be interesting. Otherwise it might´ve stopped to this one song. I´m listening to that track again when writing this and it´s kinda funny how much more feelings it raises now, two months later. (Uuuuuhh, that trumpet...! I´m rising.)
I'm not quite sure which was the first for me - it's kind of funny, because I first heard of them when my German pal Kerstin made a compilation tape with them on it in the 90s. But only really got into them just recently, I don't know why it took so long :D I think the first song was maybe something like Away or Fighting the Green, those were on the old compilation tape, I think!
The first song of DL I listened to was "Secret Hideaway" last August and it had me seriously worried.

You see, my 13 year old daughter rather dramatically evolved into a Gothic over the last year, which is fine by itself, were it not for my worries about Satanism (which I thought to be closely related to the Dark Scene) and other violent sects.
In August, she came home with this Gothic sampler - and I was utterly spellbound by a hypnotic, seductive voice insisting among so much other, bad and loud music, "Yes, we know what to do ... we welcome you ... " I was, well, amost frightened (for my daughter) because I still believed it all to be ... evil. And a voice of such power could certainly influence a 13-year-old, why, it was all but mesmerizing me!
However, my daughter was determined to go on and I was willing to trust her in so far as to be willing to inform myself about this scene ... and the music.
So, as of today, I no longer believe the dark scene to be dangerous, or evil. I do remain sceptical, however, of this dark tendency to dress alike ... for me that is the antithesis of all avowed individualism.
As for the music ... well, I was/am enchanted by DL. I just absorbed everything I could find about them and I liked most of it. Two extremely gifted men with a keen understanding of the world, well read and apparently quite honest. I respect them for their intelligence and admire them for their musical arrangements. Step by step, I am now acquiring all their work, the most recent is the complete tour-documentary of the 20 years Electronic Avantgarde. Ironically, I still don't possess "April Skies", which was the beginning for me.
Well, I guess you don't really have to worry, because there was a study a while ago, and they found that goths are more likely to go to university and less likely to get into trouble, than other subcultures. :) Or even than 'normal' young people. Some are depressed and might harm themselves, but not everyone who is gothic is like that.
Yes, I feel quite comfortable about it now. I am not the most 'normal' person you can find and I really wouldn't want a child of mine to go into all this Hannah Montana stuff or whatever is considered normal nowadays. I was only worried for my daughter, not knowing anything about goths at all ... and just imagine, IF somebody with the vocal power of a Mr Veljanov had criminal intentions, he could be very persuasive and thus quite dangerous.
This summer has been one long education for me, and I am so happy about it and somehow it is all tied to the music of DL.
The first i heard/saw the video was "Mindmachine" around 8 years ago, maybe at my friend's home (dont remember, but I know- It was on the daily playlist, so I had to listen it many times and I thought that he sings something like "Shee manshee manshee" and I was wondering what does it mean). Now, just around a year ago, I watched the video again and I was shocked "Woow, that was a Deine Lakaien" song I had to listen then, DOOOH :)) ".
Wunderbar (and then the rest of the White Lies album), while I was streched out on the street under my Landrover Defender derusting it :D - what a combination!
jgb meinte:
Wunderbar (and then the rest of the White Lies album), while I was streched out on the street under my Landrover Defender derusting it :D - what a combination!

:)) Seems to be a interesting story!
Brosze meinte:
jgb meinte:
Wunderbar (and then the rest of the White Lies album), while I was streched out on the street under my Landrover Defender derusting it :D - what a combination!

:)) Seems to be a interesting story!

I had a couple of days off and decided to dedicate them to the old Landrover (our pet) that we are renovating, had randomly (well, not quite) loaded 3 albums from a friend's music collection on my ancient mp3 player (256MB!!), and one of them was White Lies. While the environment (somewhat dirty Barcelona street asphalt, but sufficient clearance under the vehicle to raise your head a bit) was little inviting, it was very contemplative joining the work with the sand paper and attentive listening to the music over the earphones with the "repeat" switch on. "Generators" still reminds me of the smell of the sand paper and the May leaves and blossoms blown towards this corner of the street (or vice versa). Unforgettable.
oh, my first song, after wich I felt in love with lakaien was "Life Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease", I downloaded it because I liked this title xD
About the group itself, I learned like many Russian fans. The vocalist of Russian darkwave band Otto Dix, Michael Draw loves creativity of Lackeys very much. Otto Dix made cover-version on "Into my Arms", by this acquainted their fans with the creativity of Ernst and Alexander (=
so, the first song was "Into my Arms" performed by Otto Dix, than - "Life Is A Sexually Transmitted Disease", than - "Midnight sun" and "Dark Star" (I downloaded songs with more gothic titles :D :D I was rather young)
and then, good bye, my brain, hello, Lakaien-love :D heartr
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and then, good bye, my brain, hello, Lakaien-love :D heartr
=)) :x :D

nice story, Byronic Hero :)

Let's put on our thinking cap ( :D ):
Actually, I don't remember which song it was I first listened to as it was quite a while ago... I suppose that it must have been mind machine. My now-husband lent me that single about 17 years ago or so...(in fact I recently found an old tape with the recordings :D) ... if not mind machine, It was love me to the end or lonely because I really loved the acoustic album.
I have to say, Byronic Hero, please don't translate Lakaien, it sounds so silly and part of the reason for the name in German was that Lakaien sounded a bit like 'lacheln' (to laugh). Sorry, I don't want to be mean, but it really doesn't sound right to do that.
Rhiannon, okey, it's just my habit (to translate "Lakaien" into Russian, my native language :D)
I promise don't translate more on this forum the name of the group, because I think that you know better like a citizen of Germany :) :)

"Lakaien" sounded bit like "lachen"? I did not quite German is much worse than English, but I seems to me that the sounds of these two words are hard to confuse)
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