First song you listen to from DL

The first song I heard from DL was "Love me to the end" in a very special moment with an ex-boyfriend.. Due to him I had my first contact with DL and Iit seems that that's the only good thing he actually gave me...Very special thanks for this! :wink: :p
The first song I ever heard was "into my arms", I melted with admiration - if it's possible to say that  :wink:-. Generators was the second one and I think I died with love, I rank that song as one of the best, ever.
I can't actually remember which one exactly my first DLsong was - somethin on the WinterFishTestosterone...
"Over and Done". I was with a friend of mine, when her brother put on a cd which he made himself. One of the songs on it was Over and Done and I quite liked it, so I asked which song it was.
it was Where U R, on gothic-electro night in one underground club.
It was actually VNV nation remix and I still like it very much, maybe more than original, shame on me :-D
generators. I saw the clip, and was wandered by this beautyfull music... : pleased:
"Dark Star", on one of these old-fashioned tapes we used to share when we were kids. I remember it like it was yesterday... on the other side was "War" by "The eternal afflict".
The first song I heard was "Contact", the first song that totally caught me was "Mindmachine". Yes, I admit, it took 3 - in letters t*h*r*e*e* - songs to get hooked on DL (I have never been easy to get  :wink:).
The rest is history...
Ten years ago I saw Return video on Viva Zwei music television and after that- Into My Arms and Over And Done videos. The first thing that caught my attention was Veljanov's beautiful voice and their image was also very impressive :roll:.  For a long period of time I couldn't find DL albums, but I recorded every video and concert performance from TV.
The first song I think was "Love me to the end", in our disco here the play alternative and gothic on friday and the first time I was there they played that song.
the Orchestra Version of Vivre on a Zillo Sampler DVD. That time I never thought DL would make such music.
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